Memorial Garden and Columbarium

St. Oliver Plunkett Memorial Garden and Columbarium

Since the earliest days of the church the practice of burying the deceased remains near the church has been desirable because of the full cycle of life expressed in the church community.

Customarily, the remains are taken to their place of rest immediately following the funeral or memorial service for internment.

A COLUMBARIUM/Memorial Garden at St. Oliver's now provides this option.

What is a Columbarium?
A columbarium is a granite structure that is located on church grounds.  An arrangement of openings in the structure is where an urn with the deceased ashes is placed for permanament memorial.  These openings typically measure twelve by twelve by twelve inches and are called Niches.

What is the cost of a Niche?
Applications for internment in our Columbarium are located in the church office, through our Business Manager, Pat Bulger.  You can reach her at 770.979.2500 x29.  Contact Pat for Memorial Garden/Columbarium fees.









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