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Saint Oliver's Spice People is more than a cooking class.  It is also an opportunity to reach out and involve our multi ethnic community in a total cultural experience.  Our goal is to fill you up not only with tangible foods, the tastes and sights and sounds from around the world, but with the spiritual gift of being with the diverse people who together form our community.

Parishioners of all ages and nationalities are literally transported to a different country at each lesson.  They come away from each lesson with a better understanding and acceptance of the many customs and cultures from around the world.

Immigration and globalization connects many cultures, and Saint Oliver's Spice People attempt to bring our community together by uniting the world at the table, sharing a meal in Christian fellowship.  Our goal is to incorporate all the countries represented in our parish.  Along with teaching a particular recipe our cooks talk about their experiences in their countries of origin and discuss their traditional customs and life experiences.

We invite you to be explorers of the appetite. Travel with us to sample food, music, and cultures from around the world - from the exotic cuisines of Vietnam, the Philippines and the Caribbean to the classics.

CHEFS NEEDED!  Join the St. Oliver Food Network!!We have had a successful year and look forward to new and exciting lessons to come.  However, we desperately need new chefs to share their talents with us.  If you have a specialty dish and would like to share it, contact us and our crew will insure your success.  We seek more diverse foods and people to enjoy our lessons with us.  Ask any of the previous Spice People Chefs and they will tell you that it is a blast to cook with the Spice People.  

If you are interested in joining our Saint Oliver's Cooking Class, either as an international cook or as a student, you must register in advance by emailing Sandy Walsh at spicepeople@bellsouth.net  or call Sandy at 770.885.7647.


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