Sunday Morning Donuts

It's The Perfect Second Ministry for:

  • Parishioners wanting to serve in a second capacity and are looking for a light time commitment.
  • Parish newcomers: a great way to meet other parishioners after Mass.

It's The Perfect Second Ministry because:

  • There are NO meetings to attend.
  • NO one will ask you to be an officer.
  • NO holiday weekends are scheduled.
  • Your time commitment is limited to one Sunday every three months.
  • You have first choice of the donuts!

It's The Perfect Ministry for a pair of parishioners:

  • Husband/wife
  • Fiancees
  • Lovers (donut lovers that is)
  • Parent(s)/teenager(s)
  • Friends

Time commitment:

  • Six (6) hours per Sunday
  • One Sunday every three months


Set up (before 8:00 am Mass)

  • Purchase (with funds provided beforehand) donuts, french vanilla, apple & orange juice.
  • Start coffee (100 cup regular and 36 cup decaf)
  • Set out donuts, napkins, donation baskets
  • Pour juice & water into cups

During and between Masses, attend to:

  • Donuts
  • Juice
  • Napkins
  • Donation basket

Clean up (about 12:45 pm)

  • Coffee pots
  • Juice tables
  • Wipe tables
  • Empty trash

Contact Lynda Van Hassel (770) 554-1801

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