Couples Dinner Club

Food, Fellowship and Fun!

Food, Fellowship, and Fun!   

The Saint Oliver Plunkett Couples Dinner Club is about parishioners who share a passion for food - both cooking and eating!  . What better way to meet your fellow parishioners than to share dining experiences at each another’s homes!

The concept of the Dinner Club is to have three to four couples in each group. There will be three or four dinners, one at each of the couples’ homes. For each dinner, the host couple will prepare the main course, and the other couples bring hors d'oeuvres, salad, wine, and dessert. The duties rotate over the course of three or four dinners, so that all of the couples will have a chance to contribute with all elements of the meals. It is completely up to each group to decide on the rotation scheme, and when the dinners will be held within their own groups.

Whether we discuss reading a current novel, the latest new movie, a family celebration, or the latest parish events, the dinner club provides a unique place to develop friendships within our church life. While some dinner nights can be adventurous as we experiment with new cuisines or gourmet ingredients, others may consist of the recipes you would find at a typical church potluck supper. The participants come from a mixture of lifestyles, such as couples new to the parish and wanting to feel at home,  empty nesters that are now free for more social functions and younger couples that look forward to an evening of adult conversation and a break from parenting.

Check the bulletin for upcoming Fall and Spring potluck suppers where new groups will be formed or contact Cathy and Tom Hedges at 770.985.6675.


"Try Something New"
St. Oliver's Couples Dinner Club invites you to a potluck dinner on Sunday, February 24th at 6:00pm in the Kane-Beltran Center.  If you are interested in joining our group that meets monthly as smaller groups of couples, alternating in each other's homes, come and bring a dish to share.  We''ll be forming new groups for Spring!

If you have any questions contact
Tom and Cathly Hedges at
700-985-6675 or email

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